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Folks say that web site hosting and domain name registration go together like milk and cookies. Well, if that's true, then here at we aim to make the milk and cookies as tasty and digestible as possible!  
That means offering you cheapest possible domain registration services and the best web hosting deals at affordable prices -- or better still, free....



Every time you register a domain name at we offer you a completely free 3-page web site.

And we also include our free "Website Builder" tool to help you get online in minutes.

"Web Site Builder" is one of the newest features available with every domain name you register and host with

The "Website Builder" tool's intuitive interface provides you with the power to create a web site very quickly and easily and publish it to the Web.

You can customize your site by selecting from many different templates, styles, and backgrounds as well as by uploading your own photos and graphics.

Our basic service plan is FREE, which allows you to quickly create a one to three page web site. Click here to view screenshots of this powerful website builder tool.

Please note however that you can't upload any code to this site. All code is generated by the "Website Builder" tool.

However we do offer a click counter service which works remotely to monitor any web page you want. Please click the link for details.

If you must have a web site where you have a free hand to upload any number of pages, please check out our affordable web hosting plans to the right on this page.

To start your free 3-page website, just enter your domain name in the field below and click the "go" button.

Note: You may also access the free Web Site Builder tool by going to your domain name's control panel and clicking the "change" button in the Web Site Builder service area.

Build/Edit a web site for this domain name:

Please type in the domain name including the TLD (for example: 


Get the power of Windows Server 2003 with our shared hosting.

Our affordable, full featured, web hosting plans start at just $3.50 per month and allow you to upload all your code so you are in full control.

Web Storage

Be as creative as you like with our web hosting storage. Put videos, audio, multimedia presentations and more on your web site. Our robust hosting packages allow for huge amounts of storage.

Multiple Web Sites per account

Host up to 10 domain names per account. It's like having 10 web sites for the price of one!


Data Transfer (Bandwidth usage) is the volume of information that can be transmitted to and from the server as people view your site (i.e. text and images). We provide some of the best Bandwidth value in the industry.

POP EMail Boxes

Begin showing off your domain name with your very own email addresses. Easily create and manage Email boxes for employees in your company, and separate departments. Each POP3 email box is also accessible online with "WebMail" from anywhere in the world.


All accounts are compatible with Microsoft Access databases which can be easily uploaded to your web sites.

Upgrade to a 500MB SQL SERVER database at an additional monthly fee. A powerful tool for dynamic web sites.

Powerful Web Hosting Control Panel

Secure Data Centres and 24/7 systems monitoring

You can purchase and manage multiple Hosting Accounts

Free Site Statistics


Browse the hosting plans and pick the one that best fits your needs



We are still offering our FREE Domain Registration deal. When you sign up with our partner for any 1 year hosting plan, we will repay your domain name registration fee.